Sunday, 12 February 2012

New design coming soon...

I have been drawing a new design which I'm now cleaning up in Photoshop ready to turn into a new pattern design soon, my favourite part of the design process is adding colour! The lovely thing about mixing hand drawing with computer manipulation is that you can be brave and play with colours and change things that you don't feel work, experimentation is all part of the process for me. This humming bird sketch is going to be mixed with some other drawings I've been doing of oriental branches and flowers. I feel like my design style is coming through stronger now, I'm really inspired by nature and animals, the initial hand drawing is one of the most important parts of the process for my work. 
Here's a sneak preview... Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. such a good drawing alice! I think you should keep expanding with birds and flowers! (like you said!)Look forward to seeing this one! :D X
    Ps. I like its little feet and eyes!

  2. Hi, have just been reading about you on Print and Pattern. The surface design course looks interesting and I'll be interested to see how you find it. Might think about it for myself as a refresher course. Love your work!

    1. Hi Margueritedesigns, lovely to hear your feedback, I would highly recommend the E-course it's really informative and I'm learning so much through it! Let me know if you decide to do it :)