Friday, 11 April 2014

Surface Pattern | Black and White

Happy Friday! Today we have some black and white patterns to showcase, black and white is something you don't usually see me design, I'm a colour lover! I designed these prints for a recent competition via Tigerprint, sadly I wasn't a winner but there was high competition with 1'400 entries! I enjoyed designing them though and it really pushed me to try something different. The first two designs are new and those of you who know my work will notice the third design is a black and white version of a design I already had. I'm going to try out the top floral design in colour at some point, I can really see these designs making gorgeous wrapping paper!

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Feature | Tigerprint Blog Designer Spotlight

Good afternoon to you! This blog post is a little late, ooops… We have been super busy lately! But here goes, we were contacted by the lovely people at Tigerprint a few weeks ago  to be featured in their 'Designer Spotlight' feature on their blog. We were so thrilled to be asked as Tigerprint are a company we really aspire to and would one day love to collaborate with. Tigerprint are the sole suppliers to Marks and Spencer, providing them with over 5000 greetings products! Below is a little peek at the feature but to enjoy it at it's best click here or on the image below to be magically transported over to their blog to view it properly…

 ©AlicePerryDesigns 2014

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Art | Watercolour Pet Portrait

When I have spare time I love to paint and draw, I know as a designer I get to draw and create on a regular basis but it's not often you can be indulgent and create something not related to work or projects. The other evening I decided to dust off my watercolour paints and illustrate this fluffy pooch below, his name is 'Frank' and he is my mum's Standard Poodle… I gave her the illustration for Mothers Day. I really enjoyed painting him, dog's are not something I'm used to drawing but I enjoyed the challenge. He is made up of several layers after the initial pencil drawing, there is a base coat of washed colours built up with more painted layers, watercolour pencil and fine brush work. Cute isn't he!

      All images and content ©AlicePerryDesigns 2014