Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Typography Tuesday | Studio Design

Last week we started our Typography Tuesday feature and shared examples of illustrated alphabets, this weekend we had a go at making our own alphabet design although we didn't have time to design all the way to Z! We used colours and patterns from our 'Folk Party' collection.  Wouldn't it look pretty in a baby girls nursery!

                                                   All images and content ©AlicePerryDesigns 2014

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Typography Tuesday | 'A' is for alphabets

Today we are introducing a 'Typography Tuesday' feature! We love typography it's so creative and can sometimes be the key element in a design. The subject of typography is huge, there are so many different styles and excuse the pun... 'types!'

We have had a little nosey through Pinterest on our tea break and found a few of our favourite alphabet designs. Each example illustrates different typography from  bold and graphic to delicate and floral! The examples below really caught our eye, they show imaginative examples of creating the letters of the alphabet using flowers, cats and even biscuits! It would be fun to come up with your own creative example even if it's not the whole alphabet, maybe we'll give it a go when we get a spare moment

*All above images sourced via Pinterest 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Colour Study | Succulents

Hello lovely people! Our blogging has been a little sparse of late, but we have been super busy updating our website and working on lots of exciting new projects. Today we bring you a little colour inspiration...

I have a slight obsession with succulents at the moment, they come in so many different varieties and colours and are easy to keep (time will tell, I wouldn't call myself an avid gardener, but do love pretty flowers!).  I bought a wooden tray at a local garden centre and then had the fun of selecting the lucky little succulents to live in my garden! I was filling the trolley until I realised I was only filling a small tray and not a field so with regret put some of the little guys back. They now proudly sit outside on my decking at home. I just love the colour combination found in this arrangement, so thought I'd put a little colour  palette together for inspiration, I think the lilacs and pinks compliment the natural green shades perfectly!