Thursday, 23 October 2014

Studio Space | Going For Gold

Today we bring you a bit of dreamy desk/studio inspiration... It seems every desk should glisten with a little gold, we have put together some of our favourite gold desk accessories and studio styling below. One of our personal favourites is the gold sausage dog Sellotape holder (we really need one of these it's a fact!). Gold styling seems to work really well with a white desk space to create an ultra chic look to any space, but if your not wanting to 'go for gold' completely we are sure those gorgeous patterned pencils would be a good place to start. We hope you enjoy these pretties on a grey thursday afternoon! Keep a look out for more studio inspiration coming soon...

All images sourced through Pinterest (top to bottom) | 1. | 2. Bright and |           
3. | 4. Instagram | 5.

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