Monday, 24 February 2014

Business Development | Make Art That Sells | Lilla Rogers School

Next month I'm excited to announce I will be taking part in Lilla Rogers e-course 'Make Art That Sells'. Lilla is always someone I look up to and follow online via her blog and current  licensed artists, so to be able to learn from her is going to be a very exciting opportunity. I'm at the stage where I'm ready to develop my business further, to become more commercial and to hopefully take over the world with my patterns and illustrations! (well that's the plan step by step) I contemplated taking this course for weeks, but after talking to family and friends I decided it was the best decision to make, as my career is the biggest passion I have and this course will develop my skills and give me an opportunity to connect with like minded creatives. So I have signed myself up for what is hopefully going to be a big step forward for my business development. Over the 5 week course (starting at the end of March) I shall blog as often as I can about my creative journey and share work and experiences with you all. I already have a vast portfolio of work and have experience in licensing, project work etc but feel this course is going to be the next step towards a successful future. 

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