Monday, 3 June 2013

Bunting Greetings Cards

Below is one of a series of cards I have recently made, I came up with a different idea to having a traditional folded card format for a greetings card, which was to make personalised birthday bunting cards. The print is double sided with a blank circle on the back of one of the bunting triangles to write your own personal message. I have made a few more designs which I may feature here at a later date. The design is printed on card with loop holes on  either side of the twine for the recipient to be able to hang their bunting up. These cards could be used for so many purposes: birthday's, new baby, christening, mothers day, fathers day- I could go on! The nice thing about it is you can make it personal as I make them to order. So if you wish to have your very own personalised bunting card for someone special, do get in touch with me and I'll be happy to make you an order...
NB- The print used on this card is from my 'Midnight Garden' collection, but a huge variety of prints can be used to suit different tastes...

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